AFS-TEX System 2000 Anti-Fatigue Rectangular Mat in, Midnight Black (20" X 32")

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The AFS-TEX System 2000 Anti-fatigue mat is designed to relieve the strain of prolonged standing. More than just a mat - It features an ergonomically designed print to act as a visual cue to encourage regular movement. A built-in anti-microbial ingredient protects the mat for its lifetime and has an anti-slip base for added stability. Includes a 10 year warranty.

Unique AFS-TEX anti-fatigue mat design - combines optimum comfort and body support to reduce discomfort during long periods of standing. Perfect for stand up desking. / Cushioned and supportive mat surface - reduces the strain on feet, knees, legs and back joints which can be caused by prolonged standing. / Ergonomically designed surface print - acts as a visual cue to encourage movement. Regular foot movement significantly enhances fatigue relief. / Guaranteed not to flatten or lose support over time - this anti-fatigue mat's unique construction means it will retain its supportive surface. / Built-in active anti-microbial ingredient - protects the mat from microbial deterioration. It will not wear away or wash off and is ideal for those who like to work without shoes. / Anti-slip base for maximum stability. Beveled edging is ADA trip hazard compliant. Environmentally friendly. Child and pet safe


(No reviews yet) Write a Review